DEDAKJ Concentrator Generators Household Portable Oxygen Machine

Review of DEDAKJ Concentrator Generators Household Portable Oxygen Machine DDT-1B: ✅ Price comparison ✅ Customer reviews ✅ Product information: delivery method, weight, battery.

DEDAKJ is a leading brand in oxygen (O2) machines and accessories.

It is part of Deda Health Group – a global enterprise with health-related products in its core business – and is selling through the biggest online retailers such as Amazon, but not in its own DEDAKJ website.

DEDAKJ Oxygen Concentrator models

Personal use DEDAKJ models are DDT-1A, DDT-1B, DDT-1L, DE-1S, and DDT-2A. In their basic specification, these machines are similar.

Shared features are:

  • Oxygen purity is an adjustable 30% to 90% – depending on airflow (measured in liters per minute – LPM): 1 LPM at 90%, 2 LPM at 75%, 3 LPM at 65%, 4 LPM at 50%, 5 LPM at 40%, and 6 LPM at 30%
  • Noise is at a quiet 45db
  • Working time of 24/7
  • Timer function of a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours. It is on by default at 3 hours
  • Warranty of 1 year – free replacement and repair in case of quality problems

It is in visuals and accessories they mostly differ.

DDT-1A Oxygen Concentrator


DDT-1A provides a continuous airflow of 1 to 6 Liters per minute. The higher the litre per minute (LPM) rate, the lower the O2 purity. The machine has to treat more air to deliver higher purity.

It has a handle for carrying and, at a weight of 13.3 lbs (~6 kg) it is light enough to easily handle around in one hand.

There’s an oxygen indicator and tap to control the air flow and a touch LCD display for all the vital information and functions.

It comes in a black and white durable hard plastic case.

DDT-1B Oxygen Concentrator


DDT-1B provides the same basic functionalities as the DDT-1A, but has an oxygen flow controlled with a dial switch and lacks the transparent flow indicator.

It comes in a light blue and white durable hard plastic case.

DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator


Distinctively different than the other models in the list is the DDT-1L – build quality and functions.

Oxygen outlet is made of stainless steel in a golden color, As opposed to other models with a chrome nuzzle.

Out of all the models, this is the only one that has a nebulization/atomizer option for delivering drugs in the form of mist. This feature might be a key aspect for some of the potential clients for this product.

It comes in a gold and white durable hard plastic case. This is an unexpected color scheme for a medical device.

At 14.3 lbs (~6.5 kg), it weights slightly more than other models. This is due to materials and add functionalities. The addition of 1 lbs is not noticeable to most and it can still be carried around on-handed.

DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator


For someone who needs a higher output of his oxygen machine, the DDT-2A is the product of DEDAKJ’s lineup to go for. It offers the same functionality and similar aesthetics as DDT-1B, with higher overall output.

This home machine delivers an airflow that ranges between 2 and 9 litres. The continuous airflow and purity are 2 LPM at 90%, 3 LPM at 85%, 4 LPM at 75%, 5 LPM at 60%, 6 LPM at 50%, 7 LPM at 45%, 8 LPM at 35%, 9 LPM at 30%.

The increase in performance comes with a small increase in weight, to 14.3 lbs (~6.5 kg). Just as with the DDT-1L, this is not changing the handleability of the machine.

The casing of the 2A is slightly larger, but the visual distinguisher between models is still color. It comes in a green and white plastic cover.

DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator

DEDAKJ DE-1S front

Performance of the DE-1S is similar to DDT-1A, and the leap forward was made in the usability front – the machine looks polished and the user interface is much friendlier.

There’s a water level indicator at the front of the machine.

At the top of the machine is a much larger and now colorful HD LED touch screen. It looks much nicer and clearer than the screen of other models. No doubt this is this machines top feature. The screen would ease the use for some users who require larger characters and signs. The screen is at the top of the machine, which is a little strange considering the screen on all machines is at the front.

DEDAKJ Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

In the list of accessories, there are 3-Way tubing, car power inverter, remote control, and oxygen headset.

3-Way Tubing

This accessory allows two people to use one oxygen machine simultaneous by tee fitting a second oxygen tube.

The package comes with

  • 10 foot crush-resistant tubing
  • 3-Way Tee Fitting
  • water storage – a reservoir for collecting excess humidification

Car Power Inverter

A 12V DC to 110V AC is a handy product to have in any car, DEDAKJ is offering it to their customers so they can use an oxygen concentrator while going on a ride. There’s an AC outlet to plug the machine to. There’s also a 2A USB port that can charge most small electronic devices.

An important feature is a built-in fuse of 40 amps to protect from overheating, under charging, and over charging, and short circuiting.

Remote Control

An easy to operate and light weight remote control. It has the basic functionality of turning on and off, adding or removing to the machine’s timer and setting the sleep function.

Note, there are a few models of remote controls. Each one is suitable for specific models, so check carefully before you complete a purchase.

Oxygen Headset

This is probably THE accessory to have as it can save the awkwardness of wearing a nasal cannula – can get very uncomfortable after a short time.

It does require some finicky adjustment since the product is simple and one size fits all. Reading through reviews I found that wearing a hat can help.

DEDAKJ Oxygen Concentrator Replacement and Spare Parts

An oxygen concentration machine is designed to run for thousands of hours, but not without some maintenance. Also, some flexible and soft accessories are wearing off relatively quick due to their nature of use.

DEDAKJ is selling a replacement power cable and filters. Both are universal to the oxygen machines lineup – DDT-1A, DDT-1B, DDT-1L, DDT-2A, and DE-1Se.

Power Cable/Cord

The power cable, works with every device 2-pin power connector. DEDAKJ is offering it as a replacement to the one that comes with a new oxygen concentrator.

It has a durable design and long-lasting built quality to match the machines expected use.

Note, since this is a generic product, you should consider using an OEM one since this is a little pricey. On the other hand, reviews of it are all positing.

Air Filters

Anyone who buys an oxygen concentrator machine, regardless of brand, should know that air filters should be maintained and replaced regularly. DEDAKJ recommend washing the air filters every 10 days – depending on use and environment – and replacing them every three months.

Considering air filters gradually lose their ability to filter air particles since the moment the machine turns on, I recommend washing every week – it would be even easier to remember if set for a specific day of the week – and replacing every two to two and a half months. This is a cheap component that keeps an expensive device.

The package come with 2 pieces of filters and is relatively inexpensive.

If you want to know more about oxygen concentrators and the models we reviewed so far, I recommend you start at the homepage.

DEDAKJ Concentrator Generators Household Portable Oxygen Machine DDT-1B




Battery Life


Customer Reviews







  • Great value for money
  • Great costumer reviews
  • Unit is small and light weight
  • Very quiet
  • Continuous flow


  • Remote isn't so efficient

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