Best Commercial Air Purifier Review

Many homeowners keep on searching for best quality air purifiers that can eliminate cigarette smoke from their living space. Probably you are also searching for one that is why your search results brought you here on this page.
The fact is that if you smoke inside home then your indoors are more polluted as compared to the outdoors. Now as we spend most of the time indoors so this cigarette smoke brings so many risks to our health. People who do not maintain perfect air quality inside home or office and keep on smoking inside are prone to serious health issues like asthma, allergies and improper functioning of the respiratory tract. Once you bring a good quality air purifier to home, it can help to maintain the health of all family members.
Note that, while buying a new air purifier for your home, you need not choose a system that can take the smoke out rather it must be capable enough to remove the bad odor left by smoke as well. A best quality air purifier will always keep your home full of hygiene and create a pure flow of air.

Why you need an Air Purifier? Facts for Smokers:

Chances are that you often have guests at home who love to smoke inside or maybe someone in your house is addicted to that. Now rest of the family members need to find the perfect solution to get rid of that smoke and bad odor. Many studies reveal that a good quality air purifier can help you better to get rid of cigarette smoke.
You might be aware of the fact that second-hand smoke is very harmful to your health. Children at home are most affected by it. The second-hand smoke and the toxic elements left behind by smokers can cause symptoms of lung cancer and heart disease even in a non-smoking person. It can also lead to respiratory infections or may cause exacerbated asthma in children. Hence, it is really important to find a good quality air purifier to stay safe from serious health issues.

Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smokers or Cigar Odor:

There are so many big brands that have launched their advanced air purifier systems within past few years but while choosing a good product for your home it is important to understand few essential details about the technology behind it. As air purifiers are installed to get rid of cigar smoke and cigarette so it is important to choose a right appliance that can perform well in both these aspects.
Now here is an interesting fact to know; most of the air purifiers available in the market are not designed to remove smoke and they cannot even eliminate the smell of smoke. Researchers believe that around 99% air purifiers are designed only to fight against pet dander, dust, and allergens. So, when you have to buy air purifier specifically to get rid of cigarette smoke and odor then you have to be precise enough about your selection.
Only a True HEPA filter can remove around 99.97% particles from space and it can even target the elements that have size as small as 0.3 microns. It means these filters can fight against visible smoke of cigar and cigarette. Secondly, an activated carbon filter can observe the cigarette smoke odor very well. This information will help you to make a right selection of your product.
Here is the list of top rated air purifiers that can be used by cigarette smokers:

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator:

This product is listed on top because of its ability to clean odor with oxidization process. Also, it is a compact and portable unit that can go anywhere with its owner. It is rated as top commercial grade generator that demands minimal maintenance from users and can serve for years. It is equipped with a powerful odor eliminator and also has a deodorizer to improve air quality in the space. Other than this, Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator works by controlling smoke particles and its odor from the environment so that people can enjoy fresh air around.
Manufacturers claim that this high-quality air purifier can generate 3500 mg ozone per hour that is enough for purifying the environment. Users love it more due to its grade steel finish as it ensures higher durability. This Amazon air purifier not just works to mask cigarette smoke odor rather eliminate it completely.

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Fresh Air Commercial Air Purifier Ozone Generator:

The powerful and compact design of Fresh Air Commercial Air Purifier Ozone Generator is capable enough to initiate fight against cigarette/cigar smoke. You will be glad to know that this home appliance is rated high for its ability to work at ultra-low energy so that homeowners can save more on electricity bills.
Users can set timers for perfect smoke cleaning inside rooms and soon it will add a lifelike feeling to the environment with fresh air. The best news for buyers is that this commercial air purifier unit demands least maintenance so you can ensure long life service without any trouble. This air purifier can be used anywhere in car, boat, office, work or home to get rid of cigarette smoke.

Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator:

Simply set a 3-hour timer and go out to enjoy a picnic with kids in the backyard, when you come back home will be full of freshness. This highly efficient Ozone generator can produce around 5000 mg ozone per hour that is really useful for improving air quality in living space.
If you smoke inside home or car but don’t want to create smell inside then it is good to buy Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator for your routine needs. It can help your family to stay safe from terrible health risks of second-hand smoke. This portable and ready to use unit come with simple design features that can be understood by beginners as well. Once it comes out of the box, get it plugged and switch to the deep cleaning process. The powerful filter mechanism of this industrial air purifier initiates deep cleaning action to protect whole space from bad odor caused by smoke.

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