Portable oxygen concentrators weight

Portable oxygen concentrators come in small and large sizes. The smaller ones usually carry lesser oxygen capacity; however should you want a small sized one that has the exact oxygen dosage you require, you are good to go as these are available.
Whether it is a small, medium, or large sized POC, whichever you opt for – should be able to rightly meet your oxygen requirements and suit your lifestyle.

How much do portable oxygen concentrators weigh?

Portable oxygen concentrators of the smallest sizes can weigh around 5 pounds or lesser (without or with an external battery mounted).

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Medium POCs provide higher oxygen capacities than the smaller ones. These generally weigh between 6 and 45 pounds.

Large Oxygen Concentrators weigh much above 45 pounds and have the capacity to provide as much as 10 LPM of constant flow. Some category of these can also serve as nebulizer machine.

For instance – the AirSep Focus is one of the smallest POCs weighing just about 1.75 pounds. With other components such as batteries, among other features, the AirSep Focus should weigh overall – about 2.81 pounds.

The other category of AirSep which is ‘Freestyle’ weighs only about 4.4 lbs.
The AirSep Activox category weighs about 4.3 lbs. The AirSep Activox Pro is about 4.8 lbs in weight.

The Respironics SimplyFlo (the smallest stationary POC in the marketplace) weighs about 9 pounds.
The Respironics EverFlo category weighs just about 31 pounds.


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