Can You Take Portable Oxygen Concentrator on an Airplane?

As a traveller, you can travel with certified portable oxygen concentrators and doing so on airplanes is not restricted. People who are new to oxygen therapy certain times worry that the need for it might stop them from visiting loved ones in distant lands; flying to desired vacation locations, or taking on their passion to travel and explore the globe. Portable oxygen concentrators are good to go with you when traveling on airplanes.
In the past, traveling with portable oxygen via airplanes used to be difficult. Nowadays companies recognized a need for the better tech – more fitting – less chunky portable oxygen that could take care of patients’ active lifestyles.

Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Airplain

Inogen one portable oxygen concentrators enable you to enjoy your freedom as it offers you a lightweight and oxygen therapy solution. This type of POC fully meets FAA rules on airplanes. Inogen’s POC makes airplane traveling with oxygen very easy. Any approved portable oxygen concentrator that is allowed on airplane is designed to fit comfortably underneath your seat.
Such lightweight POCs provide you relieved and stress-free mobility for travelling through busy airports. With Inogen POCs – you enjoy accessories such as small carts, backpacks that make carrying them around easily.

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