Can You Take Portable Oxygen Concentrator on an Airplane?

As a traveller, you can travel with certified portable oxygen concentrators and doing so on airplanes is not restricted. People who are new to oxygen therapy certain times worry that the need for it might stop them from visiting loved ones in distant lands; flying to desired vacation locations, or taking on their passion to... Read More »

Portable oxygen concentrators weight

Portable oxygen concentrators come in small and large sizes. The smaller ones usually carry lesser oxygen capacity; however should you want a small sized one that has the exact oxygen dosage you require, you are good to go as these are available. Whether it is a small, medium, or large sized POC, whichever you opt... Read More »

Why is Portable Oxygen Concentrator better than Oxygen Tank?

Oxygen tank and portable oxygen concentrator are essentially built to enable the same solution: provide medical therapy to patients that need a high concentration of oxygen. However, there are some clear advantages to portable oxygen machines that should affect your decision of whether to buy an oxygen tank or a portable oxygen concentrator: Unlimited oxygen, no need... Read More »

The advantages of portable oxygen concentrators

Here are the main benefits of portable oxygen concentrators: Provides up to 90 percent oxygen to the patients 24/7 Enables high mobility with long battery life, even in the high altitudes of flights Much smaller and lighter compared to the home oxygen concentrators Cancelling the need of carrying bulky oxygen tanks Suitable for outdoor and... Read More »

Continuous Flow vs Pulse-Dose Concentrators

One of the first things to consider before buying a portable oxygen concentrator is the delivery method of the oxygen. In this article, we will explain the difference between Continuous Flow and Pulse-Dose portable oxygen concentrators. Pulse-Dose (also known as On-Demand or Intermittent-Flow) portable oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen only when the user inhales, and stops... Read More »

How to Buy a Used Oxygen Concentrator

If you’re in need of an oxygen concentrator, you may be considering buying a used machine. A used machine will save you quite a bit of money, but you need to be cautious about where you make your purchase.  There are several factors that need to be considered. But before we talk about what to... Read More »